Syria Mapwith apologies to Paul Simon
(tune: “Cecilia”)

Syria, you’re breaking my heart
I pray we don’t start bombing daily
I sincerely do not want a war
There’s no need for more casualties

Watching news on the Middle East
Hoping Syria might at last find peace
Flipped to see how Miley twerks
When I came back to news, it’s all chest-thumping jerks

(repeat chorus)

(bridge 1)
If the nation of Russia steps in
Then no one will win this disaster
Jubilation for war profiteers
They don’t share our fears of world war
They want more


(bridge 2)
Maybe Russia would not back Assad
If they thought that God didn’t like him
Maybe Russia would not make a move
If someone could prove Assad’s gay

Copyright © 2013 Alex Riggle. All Rights Reserved.

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