Not a photo of Mr. Riggle

This is not a photo of Mr. Riggle

Although some authorities think he may be mythical (at best), others allow that Alex Riggle exists and teaches computer applications to a captive audience of ninth graders at a high school deep in the bowels of south central Pierce County. These sources also allege that he plays the guitar, spends way too much time on Facebook, and has a hyperactive chocolate brown dog. From time to time, according to the more elaborately embroidered myths, he writes or draws things he fondly thinks are funny, and places them on his blog, humorlessly titled “Temporary Sanity.” The improbability of this constellation of traits feeds the skepticism of the naysayers among those who study this elusive creature (to date the corps of Riggleologists numbers exactly zero). Discerning readers are invited to decide for themselves just how they feel about this tedious conundrum. Actually any reader with 32 grams of discernment would flee precipitously, but the current editors are loath to recommend any course of action.


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