In Defense of Brylcreem

BrylcreemSome men have wonderful hair. It’s bouncy, full-bodied, and does whatever they want, whenever they ask. I hate these men.

If the Karma Fairies did their job right, these men would all have crabgrass, or unexpected car troubles, or other problems to deal with. But no. I have to have limp hair and have my car break down.

It’s Sunday morning, and the entire family is in the van on the way to church. I won’t say what make it was, but when I bought it, it had 90,000 miles on it and people said, “90,000 miles? On an X? Why, it’s as good as new!”
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Buying an Italian Dictionary

DizionarioOn my first day in Italy, sometime in July 1980, I decided that the little sheet of tourist phrases I had been given wasn’t enough, so I set out to find a bookstore and buy an Italian-English dictionary. (This was Gaeta, a beautiful little tourist town about 100 km south of Rome on the west coast.) I found the bookstore, but horrors! — it wasn’t self-service. All the books were behind an imposing front desk, and I’d have to make my wishes known to the clerk, a cute girl about my own age (18). She looked at me with bright and friendly eyes and asked something in Italian, presumably “May I help you?”
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