There once lived a striking teenage girl who was named Rocket and was being raised by a witch, for reasons having to do with her mother, her father, an herb garden, and a rash promise. Let this be a warning.

Rocket and her stepmother, whose name was Dame Darnet, lived in a cottage in a vast wood, but still Dame Darnet was afraid that some dashing young prince would come along, notice how striking Rocket was, and spirit her away. It was her opinion that Rocket was just the kind of girl who would fall for some dashing stranger and want to run off with him, so for Rocket’s own good she locked her in a chamber high in a tower she had built for that purpose. Rocket protested loudly that she wasn’t the least bit interested in dashing young princes, having decided that what she really wanted was to join a nice, quiet little convent somewhere far away from witches and towers and dashing strangers. She had read about convents and dashing young princes in the Märchen Times. Continue reading