The Cat and the Candle

A hand olding birthday cake candlesThere once lived a man-cat partnership on the edge of a royal city. The man was a candlemaker, and he did reasonably well in the dark months when everybody needed candles, but in the bright months, when their need for candles flickered and went out, he often went hungry. The cat would have been happy to supply him with as many voles as he could eat, but he found he just couldn’t stomach them.

“Puss,” he said to the cat one day, for that was her name, “I’m all out of food.”

“I don’t suppose you’d like to try vole?” asked Puss.

“We’ve had this conversation.”

“Sorry, Ander,” she said, for that was his name. “What can I do?”

“Take the cow to market and sell it,” said Ander.
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dragon-cut-outOnce upon a time there lived a dragon named Zandy. Zandy was the oldest of ten dragons, and after his father was made into 432 pies and 234 pairs of riding boots by Sir McGregor, the local knight, Zandy’s mother found it hard to feed her hungry clan.

“I’m finding it hard to feed my hungry clan,” she said to her brood. “That’s you,” she explained in answer to their puzzled looks. “Some of you older ones are going to have to go earn your fortunes in the big outside world thing. You can’t live in my basement forever playing World of Weyrcraft, you know.”
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