Killing My Funding (a song by Big Bird)

Big BirdI heard they’d wrangle freely
I heard it would be great
So I turned on the TV
To watch the first debate
But there he was, Mitt Romney
A danger to my fate

Pleasing the base with his figures
Stopping my heart with his words
Killing my funding was his plan
Killing the funding for Big Bird
Threatening my life with his words
Killing my funding was his plan
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Budget Cuts Wreak Havoc on Sesame Street

Emo MonsterNEW YORK – Lovable Elmo Monster, everybody’s favorite Muppet with the big, bright eyes and squeaky high voice, has been among the worst casualties of the budget cuts made necessary by Sesame (formerly Children’s Television) Workshop’s loss of federal funding. The once-chipper monster has become glum, dyed his fur black, and pierced his face in multiple places since funding for the letter L was withdrawn.

“Emo no like happiness any more,” he said, breaking into a mournful rendition of, “Can You Te’ Me How to Get Away from Sesame Street?”
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