The Three Bailey-Gruff Trolls

Capricorn River BridgeA Fairy Tale

On the day the new Capricorn River Bridge was to be dedicated (and paid for), the mayor of the happy little village of Goatville absconded with the money.

The Bailey-Gruff family of trolls had worked over a year on the bridge. Lugger Bailey-Gruff was the architect and brains of the family; his brother Lunker and sister Michelle did most of the heavy lifting. The Capricorn River Bridge was Lugger’s masterpiece. It spanned the deep gorge in a majestic arch of multicolored stone. The villagers loved their new bridge. But how would they pay for it?

“Nobody crosses until it’s paid for,” said Lugger Bailey-Gruff. “You can keep walking the five miles to Sheeptown and cross the bridge there.”
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