Men and Pain

Acacia tree in the desertThere is a disconnect in our society’s idea(s) of how men deal with pain. On the one hand there is the well-known fact that if a man catches a cold he thinks he’s going to die, and requires 24/7 nursing care until he is well again. On the other hand we have western movies in which the hero is shot seven times from twelve different directions in all the major limbs and internal organs and a few auxiliary ones, and yet struggles back up onto his horse and rides into town to save the day.

Both of these cannot be realistic at the same time.

In the interest of brutal honesty, therefore, I bring you the final scene from a newly rewritten western (One Bride for One Orphan).
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I Want a New Knee

(with apologies to Huey Lewis)

I want a new knee
One that won’t give me pains
One that won’t make me limp when I walk
Or let me know when it rains

I want a new knee
One that won’t go “click!”
One that won’t keep me up all night
Or make me walk with a stick

One that won’t make me nervous
When I put on a shoe
One that makes me feel
Like I did at 22.

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