Killing My Funding (a song by Big Bird)

Big BirdI heard they’d wrangle freely
I heard it would be great
So I turned on the TV
To watch the first debate
But there he was, Mitt Romney
A danger to my fate

Pleasing the base with his figures
Stopping my heart with his words
Killing my funding was his plan
Killing the funding for Big Bird
Threatening my life with his words
Killing my funding was his plan
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New CBS Drama Brings Database Query Excitement to Prime-Time

Hands on a Computer KeyboardNEW YORK – CBS today announced the November 2 launch of a new drama series based on the adventures of a crime-fighting database administrator.

DBA: Miami will follow Elroy Constance, a 35-year-old database administrator/programmer with serious acne who lives in his girlfriend’s mother’s basement, as he solves crimes using exciting data storage and retrieval methodologies.

“Finally, we think we have an inroad into the much-coveted ‘15-45 year old male with poor social but superlative database skills’ demographic,” said CBS chairman Leslie Moonves. “This is the sort of exciting, well-compiled program our viewers want.”
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